Rhinolight is a novel and new medical treatment for Allergic Rhinitis, which uses Ultraviolet (UV) A, B and visible light to reduce the symptoms and partially desensitize the nose and sinuses against allergies. May be used safely in Pregnancy, and Children over 6 years.

Allergy Skin Prick Testing done by Dr Kaulsay. This is the main and most reliable form of allergy testing for Food or Environmental allergy. It is generally a painless procedure and patients of any age may be tested. Ensure that No Antihistamine medications are taken for 3- 5 days before testing.

Allergy Skin Prick Test result. These are read after 15 minutes of performing the Allergy Skin Test. We are able to see small Wheals forming to show us the presence of Sensitization of her immune system (An Allergy). We then measure precisely the size of the reaction and put it on a report.

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What are the mechanisms behind food allergy? How has our environment changed food allergies over the years? Want to know more about the diagnosis and management strategies for food allergies? All these questions answered by EAACI, a leading association in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Skin Prick Tests