Allergy Tests Offered

It is sometimes difficult and expensive to select and choose what exactly you would like to test the patient for. Detailed allergy knowledge and allergic history is required to decide what to test the patient for, even then, you may miss testing for important allergens in your environment.

OPTIGEN offers accurate, reliable and reproducible results and user-friendly functionality.

  • Optimal Sensitivity, Specificity and Efficiency
  • Affordability
  • Minimal Serum Requirement
  • Internal Quality Controls
  • Quality and Reliability

OPTIGEN provides prompt and reliable allergy diagnosis for the symptomatic patient. Early diagnosis of allergy in a child has a high predictive value for the development of other atopic diseases such as asthma.

OPTIGEN easily enables the clinician to intervene at an early stage allowing the child to avoid the development of significant allergic disability.

OPTIGEN specifically addresses the issues important to the Clinician:

  • Identification of Early Sensitization Patterns
  • Beneficial when Diagnosing Patients with Unclear Case History
  • Good Predictive Value for Identifying Patients at Risk
  • Identification or Confirmation of Polysensitization
  • Ideal Alternative when Skin Prick Test is not Indicated
  • Requires Minimal Amount of Patient Serum


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A Guide to Allergies

Microtest DX Allergy Testing Equipment

  • Dr Kaulsays practices are the exclusive providers for Microtest DX allergy analysis in Ireland. More information coming soon!


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