Rhinolight is a novel and new medical treatment for Allergic Rhinitis, which uses Ultraviolet (UV) A, B and visible light to reduce the symptoms and partially desensitize the nose and sinuses against allergies. May be used safely in Pregnancy, and Children over 6 years.

The Rhinolight® intranasal phototherapy

Different phototherapies have been used successfully in dermatology (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, etc.) for decades. Scientific facts prove that inflammatory processes are very similar in the nose and in the skin. Therefore the inventors had the idea to experiment the efficient light composition to be used in the nose which treats allergy by reducing allergic complaints such as runny nose, sneezing, the annoying nasal itching, unbearable blockage and the complications like sinusitis and nasal polyposis.

The effect

During the initial research drugs and phototherapy were combined. After that symptoms of patients had significantly improved, Rhinolight® was applied in itself. Rhinolight® has a beneficial effect on a number of immunological processes in the nose. This therapy is recommended for everyone not satisfied with the current medication or those looking for an alternative treatment. The intranasal Rhinolight® phototherapy is effective for any kind of allergic rhinitis regardless of the type of the triggering allergen.

The light

The Rhinolight® is a very high-intensity light with a special compostition. In Rhinolight® the emitted light includes a part of the visible light spectrum and a certain safe range of UV light. The Rhinolight®treatment can only be administered under medical control. It casues neither heat nor pain on the treated surface. Due to its composition, it has no tissue-damaging effect, thus it can be applied very safely for the long-term treatment of allergy patients. The Rhinolight® medical device and the relating therapeutic method are under a patent protection.


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