Our main test for Allergies remains the Skin Prick Test; this type of testing has been around for many decades and remains the simplest and most accurate way for allergy testing – this is where we apply a small drop of the standardised allergen to be tested.

Then we gently prick the surface of the Forearm (or a child’s back in some cases) – this allows the allergen to mix with the skin and then it causes the immune system to cause a reaction on the skin which in 15 minutes results in a hive and redness of the skin (Wheal and Flare response).

The size of the reaction is accurately read and recorded on a Result sheet.

The results are explained in detail to the patient and the parents is necessary and then a avoidance, treatment or desensitisation therapy is recommended.

If medications or Emergency Medications are needed, this is then prescribed by Dr Kaulsay.

Do not Moisturise your arms the day of the test
Stop all Antihistamines and Steroids for 3-5 days before testing.
Nasal sprays and asthma inhaled medications can be continued.
Please have your breakfast or lunch before coming
Reassure children there will not be big needles and in fact they get to watch cartoons to distract them during the test.
All they feel is a small sting and the reactions can get very itchy for a few minutes.

There is a small risk of systemic reactions, so our offices are fully equipped with emergency medications and we can stop the test at any unable at any stage.

Photographs may be taken of your arm only for documentation.

Most tests are personally done by Dr Kaulsay and for difficult cases a special plastic applicator may be used instead of the skin prick lancet.

For patient’s not able to stop medications , have severe eczema or for those requiring comprehensive screening tests, a blood sample may be required.